Our Executive Council

The Executive Council consisting of 7 Members is the authority of managing everyday activities, responsible for the implementation of approved plan, designed projects, income & expenditure of the organization.

Members of Executive Council

Nizam Uddin

Father: Abdul Gofurr
Mother: Meharunessa
Education: M.A
DOB: 29/03/1960
NID: 3253555878
Profession : Business

Amita Sagar Chakma

Father: Purnendu Chakma
Mother: Aruna Chakma
Education: M.S.S
DOB: 15/06/1977
NID: 5955638878
Profession : Development Worker

Biplop Chakma

General secretary
Father: Dayal Mohan Chakma
Mother: Hiron Kishori Chakma
Education: M.B.A
DOB: 13/03/1978
Profession : Development Worker
Ms. Rangabi Tanchangya

Rangabi Tanchangya

Assistant General Secretary
Husband: Lal Chhuak Liana Pangkhua
Mother: Boroda Tanchangya
Education: M.B.A
DOB: 10/07/1973
NID: 8428708147177
Profession : Development Worker

Maya Chakma

Husband: Subord Talukder
Mother: Daya Probh Chakma
Education: M.A
DOB: 15/06/1990
NID: 19908418727000033
Profession : Development Worker

Bidhan Chakma

Fathers: Jandu Moni Chakma
Mother: Shuva Dini Chakma
Education: M.A
DOB: 01/10/1984
NID: 8428708155434
Profession : Development Worker

Leki Chakma

Husband: Bimal Kanti Chakam
Mother: Banarani Chakma
Education: Textile Diploma
DOB: 02/02/1980
NID: 8693341508
Profession : Entrepreneur

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