ASHIKA Reporting Formats

This document is a template for the final or end-of -project programmatic report

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Acronyms List

4. Executive Summary/Overview

5. Summary Table of Indicators including numbers targeted and results reached/achieved.
Please note this table should represent the targets as established in your cooperative
agreement and the aggregate results reached over the total life of your agreement.

6. Project Implementation Summary by Strategic Objective

 Project activities implemented during the life of the agreement should be summarized by
strategic objectives and should include: activities/approaches planned and completed
overall achievements, major challenges/constraints, responses and lessons learned.
Results should include all indicators as agreed upon in the cooperative agreement. Also
include the following in the discussions:
o Regions that the program was active in
o Local partners involved in implementation
o Results of activities – were expected targets reached? Why/why not?
o Challenges in achieving targets

7. Other Issues

  • Sustainability and/or transition (describe implementation of activities undertaken to
    ensure project sustainability/transition at end of project).
  • Coordination with In-Country Team and Host Government, Local Partners – Please
    elaborate on how you have coordinated with both in-country team and host government
    (e.g. partner meetings, membership on technical working groups, involvement on
    government working groups, participation in trainings, provincial government meetings
    and coordination, etc.) Also, discuss any referral networks the project has developed or
    worked with.

Success Stories Template

ASHIKA encourages partners to submit a one to two page success story as an appendix to your
final report. This is an opportunity to tell stories from the field that qualitatively highlights the
progress, success or impact of the program.

When composing your story, try to:

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