Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A sustainable socio-economically developed society where the basic needs and rights of the ultra-poor communities are ensured with their maximum participations in development.

ashika vision

Our Mission

To achieve a socio-economic emancipation by creating a stakeholder based economy involving women & disable part of community, mobilizing civil society with proper utilization of local resources and institutions.

Organizational Culture

It is the responsibility of all staff in general, and all project heads and management team members in particular, to build an organizational environment or culture that is supportive of Gender Equity. We Believe in and value women’s human potential, ensure that men are not unfairly treated in the name of gender. The organization mobilizes resources and takes into considerations of recognitions for good contributions. The organization establishes clear norms and rules regarding equitable distribution of facilities (support services) and opportunities.
ashika culture
Organizational Core Values

Organizational Core Values

To achieve our vision, we aim to be the change we want to see, upholding the following values in both our staff and our members:

-Community focused: In our decision-making and programming, we prioritize the communities we serve.
-Courageous: We have lofty goals that we are willing to pursue by trying new things and taking risks..
-Communication proactively: Maintain an open and trusting environment for collaboration and continuous improvement with our team and stakeholder
-Inclusive: we see the value in diverse perspectives and work to remove the barriers that prevent voices being heard.
-Transparent: Share expertise, information, and honest feedback within the department and with stakeholder and the community;

Organizational Core Competency

ASHIKA has experienced and qualified human resources in its head office and project offices. Capacity building of staff is a continuous process. The Organization believes that Human Development is the key for sustainable development. The Organization has been involved in preparation of various kinds of projects in the fields of education, health awareness, capacity building and community physical infrastructural development. Capacity Building is an integral part of all the projects being implemented by the Organization. Technical service delivery is also differential skill of the Organization. Equipment facility also available in the organization for its smooth activities, its asset strength is equivalent to tk.1951036 (Nineteen Lakh Fifty One thousand thirty Six Taka Only).
Organizational Core Competency

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